We’re delighted to work in partnership with the following organisations:

Copyright Agency provided a generous grant of $90,000 for a three year period to bring three writers and illustrators per year to Armidale.  This funding covers the residents’ costs, provides an honorarium to residents, and covers and costs associated with mounting the workshops. 

The Armidale Branch of the New South Wales Children’s Book Society.  Stalwarts in the Armidale community’s engagement with children’s literature, the Armidale Branch of the CBC supports the visits by attendance at workshops.

The New England WritersCentre is located in Armidale, and serves the New England Region, showcasing the work of local writers, and supporting the writing community through writing and publishing workshops and public events.  

The Armidale-Dumaresq Council War Memorial Public Library supports the program by hosting author visits, book launches and signings.

The New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) supports the program by hosting events in its gallery or workshop spaces.  

The School of Arts at the University of England supplies in-kind support for this program, including administrative support, publicity, and hosting events.